Laborator de Chirurgie cardiotoracică



Laboratory of the Cardiothoracic Surgery is a structural subdivision of the basic scientific training-surgery department of the faculty of continuing training in medicine and pharmacy, which performs diagnostic clinical activity, investigation, selection and application of cardio-surgical treatment. The main direction of research conducted in the laboratory is transplantation of decellularized heart valves.  The longevity of homografts for heart valve replacement is determined by the amount of activation of the recipients’ immune system caused by antigen reaction against the donated heart valve. Fresh decellularized pulmonary homografts have shown promising early results in pulmonary valve replacement and could potentially avoid significant activation of the immune system, as more than 99% of the donor DNA is removed during the decellularization process.

Also, the teaching, methodical, scientific, educational work is done in groups of students, residents and physicians in training cycles.

Address: 165, Bd.  Stefan cel Mare si Sfant,


Tel: (+373 22) 20–53–25